Cindy Pavell


PostureFit is a unique combination of posture alignment therapy and fitness training.  During my experience as a full-time fitness trainer (since 1988), I knew something was missing from effective exercise programming.  In order to create balance in the body’s structure and maintain joint integrity, I kept trying to strengthen what appeared to be the weak areas; all I was doing was strengthening the postural compensations and dysfunctions.  In 2010, I discovered the missing link – Posture Alignment. 
I have been an athlete all my life and prior to 2010, I had to wear orthotics to function or to participate in any athletic event.  Putting into practice my extensive training at Egoscue University as a Certified Posture Alignment Specialist, I have not worn orthotics at all for almost four years.  I no longer have heels spurs, plantar fasciitis, chronic low back or shoulder pain.  All my clients now have posture alignment menus to do before their workouts.


1. Significantly more motion and mobility
2. Less injury
3. Less chronic pain
4. Less severity of pain
5. More effective workouts 

Combining the posture work with strength and stamina conditioning has been tremendously successful in keeping clients exercising and living their lives without physical limitations!  Mobile and fit! Straighten before strengthening - an unbeatable solution!!