Cindy Pavell

Motivational Wellness Seminars

My Motivational Wellness Seminars are:

*Specially tailored to meet the needs and goals of your organization or business.
*Enthusiastic, informative, and interactive
*Devoted to stimulating positive changes which will elevate quality of life!
*Fortified by 25 years in the Health, Fitness, and Wellness field
*Enriched through personal experience

Popular Seminars:

1. Sitting: Damaging Effects to Your Health
2. Posture and Performance
3. Making Lasting Changes - Part I & II
4. Myth: Time Management/Truth: Energy Management
5. Posture Power at Your PC
6. Core Training
7. Healthy Snack Ideas
8. Permanent Weight Loss - Part I & II
9. Guidelines for Diabetes Prevention
10. Getting Started - Guidelines for Beginner Exercisers
11. Keep Your Heart Healthy
12. Benefits and Guidelines for Weight Training
13. Back Care - Lowering Your Risk